Download and Install Decentr Web Browser for Debian based system

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About Decentr Web Browser

Decentr is a browser with unparalleled speed, security and utility. Included in the browser release is free VPN and Adblock. Browse to earn: Creating a bridge between internet users and applications developed with distributed ledger technology, an open source platform, which enables you to manage and pay with your Personal Data Value. Use your data as a payable value! You retain the payable value assigned to the secure data you generate on Decentr. Source of text:

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

  1. First go to the official Dcenter website: and click to the Download Decentr Browser button.
  2. Now click to Download for Linux.
  3. After downloading, open a terminal in the folder where you downloaded the Decentr Web Browser. In my case is folder at /home/CleverClick/Downloads.
  4. Unzip the .zip archive by command: unzip Ubuntu_X64_Decentr_*.zip.
  5. And finally, install Decentr Web Browser via this installation command: dpkg -i decentr-browser-*.
  6. All done! Decentr Web Browser on Debian Based System, in my case is Ubuntu is installed!