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Deploy Honeygain with Docker!


Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows its users to make money online by sharing their Internet connection. Reach your networks' full potential by getting paid in USD, BTC, or JMPT! Source of text:

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  1. Type following command in Terminal.
    docker run -d honeygain/honeygain -tou-accept -email ACCOUNT_EMAIL -pass ACCOUNT_PASSWORD -device DEVICE_NAME

    -d Container restart policy is unless stop.
    -tou-accept Accept Honeygain Terms of Use (ToU).
    -email ACCOUNT_EMAIL Honeygain account email.
    -pass ACCOUNT_PASSWORD Honeygain account password.
    -device DEVICE_NAME Name for device.

    To see Honeygain Terms of Use (ToU) go to this page:
  2. Wait until Honeygain Docker container will be pulled!
  3.  Check Docker Container id by command docker ps -a.
  4. To check if Honeygain is running just see logs by command docker logs -f <container id>.
  5. Done!